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Command-line arguments


drax.exe /file:"C:\Temp\Movie.m4v"
         /album:"My Album"
         /album_artist:"My Album Artist"
         /artist:"My Artist"
         /comment:"My Comment"
         /compilation:1                    # 1 = is compilation, 0 = no compilation
         /composer:"My Composer"
         /disk:1                           # disk, e.g. 1
         /encoding_tool:"My Encoding Tool"
         /total_disks:2                    # total disks, e.g. 2
         /genre:"My Genre"
         /grouping:"My Grouping"
         /name:"My Name"
         /part_of_gapless_album:1          # 1 = is gapless, 0 = not gapless
         /tempo:120                        # tempo e.g. 120
         /track:1                          # track, e.g. 1
         /total_tracks:2                   # total tracks, e.g. 2

Import & Export

# GPAC MP4BOX Time Code Format (one chapter per line):
# 01:30:15.123 My Chapter1
# 01:40:30.456 My Chapter2
# ...

drax.exe /export:"C:\Temp\Chapters.txt" /file:"C:\Temp\Movie.m4v"
drax.exe /import:"C:\Temp\Chapters.txt" /file:"C:\Temp\Movie.m4v"

# OGG Text Format:
# CHAPTER01=01:30:15.123
# CHAPTER01NAME=My Chapter1
# CHAPTER02=01:40:30.456
# CHAPTER02NAME=My Chapter2
# ...

drax.exe /export2:"C:\Temp\Chapters.txt" /file:"C:\Temp\Movie.m4v"
drax.exe /import2:"C:\Temp\Chapters.txt" /file:"C:\Temp\Movie.m4v"

Automatic creation and removal of Chapters

# Creates a chapter every 5 seconds
drax.exe /file:"C:\Temp\Movie.m4v" /autocreate_chapters:5

# Removes all chapters
drax.exe /file:"C:\Temp\Movie.m4v" /clear_chapters
drax.exe /folder:"C:\Temp" /clear_chapters


drax.exe /file:"C:\Temp\Movie.m4v" /optimize:"C:\Temp\C:\Temp\MovieOptimized.m4v"

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Raregrit Apr 11, 2013 at 4:09 AM 
Optimization Batch file.
Enter the following line into notepad with .bat extension.
for %%v in (*.m4v) do "C:\Program Files (x86)\Drax\Drax\drax.exe" /file:"%%v" /optimize:"(OP)%%v"

(Change M4V to the extension you want to use, and the file path to your installation)

Run in the folder your M4V files are to Optimize them all. If they are in sub-folders add the recursive option /R after the "for" command.

oddparity Jan 18, 2012 at 3:28 PM 
For importing OGG format chapters, use /import2 instead of /import.